Life, Graduation, and the Grandmother Chronicles

I’ve been writing, like my last blog said I would as part of my resolution. But it’s all been private or not shared, and I realized that that’s not the point of having one of these blogs. So, I give you an update, as well as the start of something new.

I am in my last semester at Pasadena City College. At this point, well into it. And it’s going okay. I am doing my work and studying and being a student. I’m being the President of the Queer Alliance to the very best of my ability. And it’s good. I’m happy, if not sometimes a little stressed out. I spend the majority of my time at school or on campus. Like 5 days a week, sometimes not leaving till 9 or 9:30 at night. But it’ll be worth it. In the end, I’m walking away with three different Associate Degrees, plus an Associate Transfer degree. I’m doing some part time work, trying to get students to tutor, and babysitting one of my best friend’s kid on Thursday nights.

The biggest change, beyond any doubt, is that my grandmother Laller now lives with my family and I. About a month ago, she was unceremoniously kicked out of the home she lived in. So she lives with us now. And it’s definitely different. Alzheimer’s is a hell of a disease, and some days its a bit more difficult than others.However, there are days, and moments in every day that are just adorable. The moments that I sit back, and I smile. For those moments. I want to chronicle them here. I know that in the future, I’m going to want to go back and look at those moments more than I will the frustrating ones.

So to start the Grandmother Chronicles.

Yesterday I took Laller to go and get her hair cut, and to the Disney store to pick up a stuffed toy for her to cuddle. While at the salon, she started poking the posters going “Beep boop” because she heard me doing that earlier. And at the Disney store, she had a hard time picking just one toy. Or just getting a toy. It was very much like *me* in the Disney store when I am trying to get one thing.

Both were smile worthy. Especially when at the end, she started waving at all the kids and humming to the music in the store.


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