Star Treking Across the Universe

Yesterday marks the start of the mission to actually do something I never truly have. I’m going to sit down and watch some Star Trek.

I’m not starting at the Original series, which I definitely will watch. I’m starting at The Next Generation then moving on to Deep Space Nine. I’ve wanted to watch the series in its entirety for years now. And a friend gave me significant more motivation to do so which really should not have been the case. But it was. One of my friends is planning at some point in the future to run a game set in the Star Trek Universe. My assignment to prove I want to be in the game I have to watch all of The Next Generation and all of Deep Space Nine.

And so I watch.

I’ve decided I greatly enjoy this show. And I want to be Q. And Riker needs a beard. I also think Data may be my favorite actual crew member.  I’ve been warned there are episodes that I will want to not watch alone. But. This is a thing I am doing. And its one of the few things I have going okay right now.


A lot of the rest of my life seems to be falling apart.  It’s like my ability to feel happy and joy and anything but fear, sad and numb is being sucked out of me. I know I’m lucky, in so many regards. But I am still. Struggling. I don’t know.

I really don’t know.




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