Halloween 2018

I seem to be perpetually late with my Halloween posts the past couple of years. Or really, like. Any posts. I will do better at this. I want to write more.


The annual trip to a scare event this year turned into going to two different events. First, I went to the WB Studio Tour: Horror Made Here, then the usual trip to Universal Studio Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. And I have to say. Horror Made Here is probably the best event I have ever gone for Halloween.

Horror Made Here is a smaller event. I believe one of the employees I asked said that it was only the second year the event had been running. It was still pretty small. There were four mazes in total and one giant scare zone. There was also a bar set up like something from the Vampire Diaries, and a shop set up like the one from Little Shop of Horrors. Which was pretty freaking cool. 

The mazes themselves were fantastic. There was a Freddy and Jason maze, which had a complete Camp Crystal Lake built. There was the lake, and fog, cabins. It also ended with letting us explore a bit of the regular studio tour. Then there was Arkham Asylum, which had Batman villains all over it and managed to confound the group I was with by a mystery person popping up out of basically way nowhere. Then there were my two favorite mazes. The best mazes I have experienced since HHN 2012’s Silent Hill. The It maze, and the Conjuring. 

The group at WB Horror Made Here

First off. Clowns freak me out to a severe degree. I force myself to watch It. And I am always either at the verge of panic or actually panicking by the time the movie is over. And this maze was just like walking through scenes of the movie. Everything felt visceral and real. And the setting for each room. It was beyond description. I left that maze in tears. Mostly because I was scared out of my damn mind. It took a good ten to fifteen minutes to get me coherent again. But my god. 

After I was calm again, I found Georgie wandering around.

The Conjuring maze did something also very, very different. It told a story while we essentially sprinted from room to room trying to escape the malice of Annabelle. It was something more than just a thing we were experiencing. It was something we were a part of. And it had a special effect I still cannot understand how I was able to see done live in the end. Everyone who left that maze left running in sheer terror. 

This particular event surpassed any expectation I could have dreamed of having. I did not expect to go in and have the amount of fun that I did. Or the amount of actual fear I experienced. It may very well be the new thing I feel I have to go to every year. 

The boyfriend and I before HHN.

That isn’t to say of course, that Universal’s HHN this year wasn’t fun. The mazes there were really good. And managed something I will be really grateful for until I get off my butt and start watching Netflix again. It let me taste Stranger Things without actually spoiling anything about the show. Most of my context for what I was seeing came from memes, hilariously enough. But it did something nothing else has so far and made me want to curl up on a couch and watch the series. The other mazes were a lot of fun. My favorite is tied between Halloween and the Universal Monster’s maze. Both got me going and jumping and screaming and cursing my lack of earplugs. Halloween had nonstop scare after scare after scare. It was intense and fantastic. 

Emmanuel and I towards the end of HHN

Next year, or the year after that. I want to do something for my annual trip to go get the crap scared out of me different, but also in a similar vein to the past couple of years. I want to do a different event each week. Universal, Haunted Hayride, Dark Harbor, and WB. 

Let’s see if I am able to do it. 🙂





  1. I’m always so late on my Halloween posts that they usually end up not happening- so you’re beating me!
    I’m really hoping to check out the WB event next year as I’ve heard nothing but good things. I went to HHN-Hollywood last year and was wildly disappointed. Here in Orlando we just do it better! You should come check us out next year!

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