I may have gone too far.

It occurred to me recently that when it comes to things I enjoy greatly, I have a tendency to go just a tad too far with how engrossed I become in it.

The most notable example would be my character for the Hero High game I’m in. 

It started simply enough. With my game group, we sometimes will pick an actress or model as the face for our character so we can give the other characters an idea of what they look like. I figured I would also add a couple other things, reflecting my inspiration, and then something for time with her best friend. So I made a Pinterest board. It was harmless enough at first.

But then I started thinking. What about the type of clothing she wears? What about what she prefers to eat? These were very distinct tastes and preferences this character has that are vastly different from the other characters in the game. Let alone any other character that I have played. So I made a board for different areas in her life. 

I also started writing out her journal entries, reflecting things going on in the school, events that take place in each session.

And I made a personnel file. A single document that breaks down everything about her. Her relationships, the things she likes/dislikes. Things she’s afraid of. Goals. How she feels about the other characters. Her basic information. 

The Pinterest board has, at last count, over 1,300 pins to it altogether. 

The journal as about 33 pages so far.

The personnel file is 5 or 6 pages.

These are all works in progress. 

I also got at least one of the other players doing similar things, accidentally. We are the bane of our gamemasters existence. 

I have gone way too far in developing this character. It’s also starting to bleed to other games. Like the Vampire the Masquerade game that hasn’t started yet.

Send help. 


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