To 2018, with love, and looking towards 2019

It’s the end of another year. Which means its time to look back at the goals I set for the year and see how I did.

My goals for the year 2018 were as follows:

  • Get my passport.

So. Kind of. Except there is no kind of here. I have the money. I have the filled out application. I just need to get my picture taken, and then dedicate a Saturday to getting this done. 

  • Pass my CBEST.

No. I didn’t do this. I failed by one fucking point, which is the most infuriating thing on the planet.

  • Celebrate my 30th birthday at Disneyland, staying at the Disney hotel.

Yes! It was wonderful. I am actually surprised I didn’t write about that here.

  • Get treatment for my growing general anxiety, OCD, and bi-polar.

So. For a short while, yes. I had treatment and I was managing my mental illness. I’m not managing with therapy or medication anymore. It’s difficult, but I think I am okay right now. When I am able to get medical insurance, it will be the top priority for me.

  • Make a deposit on a cruise line trip for 2019.

I’ve started saving, which is close enough to this I suppose.

  • Start my own Dungeon and Dragons campaign.

Yup! It’s an interesting process.

  • Get more progress done on the Legends story, especially now that the game is finished.

I did do more work, in that I was listening to the transcripts. I need to transfer the audio to a hard drive so I don’t lose it. But this will be a very, very slow burn process.

  • Read 35 books.

Not even close. Which is unfortunate.

  • Stop reaching out to the people who do not make anywhere near the same effort that I do to maintain the friendship.

I did do this. My life is infinitely better now.

  • By the end of the year, have a minimum of $1,000 in savings.

Hahahahahaha. No. But I do have some savings now, which is more than I could say a year ago.

  • Write more. In just, general. Write more.

I did write more. Not here, obviously. But in Google Drive and written journals. I’ve actually started a similar journey as the Legends with one of the new campaigns I’m in. Not writing out the stories. But notes, my character’s journal. A document that details the things that make her tick. All things that have been done.

  • Continue my weight loss journey.

Yes, but more towards the end of the year than any other part. I started going to the gym regularly in September. Since then I’ve managed to lose approximately two pounds each week since then. But. More on this another day.

For the most part, I did pretty well on accomplishing what I wanted to this past year. There are the couple things I just utterly failed at. But I thankfully don’t regret that I wasn’t able to accomplish them. Instead, I am looking at it as a chance to do better in the upcoming year.

I’ve thought a lot about what I want to accomplish in the next year. There are things I really want to purchase, and things I want to do. I have a pretty good support system. Hopefully, I’m able to do what I’d like. Though admittedly. Some of these are very subjective.


Goals for 2019

  1. Update my WordPress at least once a week. 
  2. Lose a minimum of 6 lbs per month. 
  3. Continue to add to my savings account each month (minus probably February, due to a very short paycheck).
  4. Find new employment.
  5. Say no more often. And don’t feel guilty about saying no.
  6. Get the items/things on my “big” purchases list.
  7. Practice more self care.
  8. Explore more of Los Angeles.
  9. Eat more new foods or go to new food places.
  10. Do not prioritize someone else’s happiness over my own.
  11. Beat three video games.


The list of items, so that is on more than a lone google doc form…

“Big” Purchases

  1. A Nintendo Switch.
  2. 4 New Bed Pillows.
  3. Queen size bed frame.
  4. Vacuum Cleaner.
  5. Microwave.
  6. Power drill.
  7. Alexa/Echo Dot.
  8. U.S. Passport.


And that’s it. 

2018 was a very short, complicated year. I made a lot of important discoveries about myself and the people I keep in my life. I lost friends, made new ones, and came to terms with different aspects of my family. I really hope that 2019 shows itself to be just as informative, and more exciting. 


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