Yesterday was a great day. It was filled with a lot of happiness and laughter and I just. I needed a day like that.

I got to cross things off of my big purchases list. I now have brand new pillows that so far have not given me a migraine and are so fluffy it’s like I melt into them. I also got my new bed frame. Which was just an exact copy of my old frame. But this time it was not broken while being assembled. And it is so quiet. I was actually able to fully sleep a full night in total comfort. Also – it took four people to build the bed. And consulting the internet. And me driving back to Ikea only to get a call saying they figured it out and to come back.

I’m finally home after spending two weeks house sitting and cat sitting for several friends. It’s relieving really.  I missed my room and my mattress and my things.

I’m building a new deck for Magic the Gathering. Or at least, I’m trying to. And it’s raining and there is cocoa to sip on while I contemplate everything that’s happened this last week.

It’s been a fun, weird little week. And I’m really happy. Which is unusual.

This is a good start to the year.


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